What about the stunt rat…

Me in a nut shell… Really I’m more of a nut in a “me shell”. I believe in adventure and setting new limits. I drive too fast to worry about my cholesterol levels.
I also believe that life is about survival of the fittest. I am a little boy in a big world, and I pretty much refuse to grow up. I’ve been up to the craziest antics all my life, only now I get paid to get up to mischief and to do the things I do best and love most.  That being said I hold life in pretty high regard following recent occurences of a less-than-pleasant nature. Six men, in my house, a gun to my head,  and a few stolen goods later… me and life, we’re fairly good mates now.

I’ve been in film for a while now. I get to do the cool and crazy stuff that every boy wishes they could do. You know how it is once Karate Kid 57 or Robocop 25 credits start to roll, you get up and feel bulletproof. You tell your mates “you can’t kill me, I’m Robocop” and you all take turns kicking the hell out of one another to see who’d make the best Robocop, Karate Kid etc… Well, now I get paid to do that. Sometimes I even get to blow shit up if I’m not being set on fire.

As for my blog… In times when I feel the urge to rant, get stuff off my chest or just to get some pent up creativity out this is where you’ll find it. Can’t take it out on my mates cos, well, they’re my mates and 9 outta 10 times we’re all neck deep in the same shit anyway.

Hope you enjoy my efforts. Please quote me don’t plagiarise. Please don’t take offence, or do and leave a comment, or just leave a comment anyway.



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